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Our Approach

Whether you’re a finance organisation, part of a global supply chain, or a government body, we can help you improve your sustainability and impact.

Our approach is unique and proven:

  • We harness the knowledge of global workforces and engage them in delivering better outcomes and impacts.
  • In the process, we provide you with the richest possible sustainability data and help embed sustainability into the DNA of your organisation.

Our solutions

  • Our FieldApp means people on the ground can identify and solve problems to improve their lives.
  • The data and solutions they find can be scaled up so everyone benefits.
  • You decide the questions that need answering: users give you data and come up with solutions.
  • Our method means users take ownership of solutions, collecting data in the process.
  • We produce reports tailored to you, with the rich sustainability data you need.
  • You benefit from an engaged workforce to implement successful solutions from the grassroots.


  • Our OutcomeTracker relates ESG/Sustainability data to traditional corporate ratios and ensures their seamless integration into all our clients’ decision-making processes…
  • ...so that you know all your decisions take into account the true impact of a company’s practices.
  • OutcomeTracker integrates with our clients’ corporate data systems.
  • ESG/Sustainability data can be ingested and extracted automatically as and when needed.
  • Data can be customised to our clients’ metrics system.
  • Clients decide which information they consider to be “material” for all communication, management and corporate funding projects.
  • OutcomeTracker provides industry comparisons, supports all stakeholder engagement projects and can do so with high frequency.

Graphs for illustrative purposes only. Based on real but incomplete data.


We are looking to collaborate with asset owners and asset managers on the facilitation of systems change. Our unique quality of material, outcome-focused and constantly updated sustainability data can form the basis for:

  • meaningful risk management tools
  • the creation of targeted, scalable funding and investment management product.

We would be delighted to be able to play our part in the unlocking of the financial means required to address some of humankind’s most pressing sustainability challenges. Examples include:

  • GP stake investing
  • "Contingent payer” structures.

We invite asset owners and managers, and the financial, social and corporate sectors to accompany us on this journey.


  • We used our FieldApp to help improve public health safety during Covid-19
  • We started in June 2020 and by September were live in 19 countries
  • Pilots now live in 27 countries
  • New pilots with people living with HIV, TB and malaria
  • Results: All pilots flagged up important safety issues:
    - 73% of users reported test kits not present when needed
    - Over 400 reports of infected patients not being separated
    - A nurse set up a makeshift second waiting area to separate suspected infected patients from others
    - Malaria patients alerted sponsors to send more bednets
  • 9 Ministries of Health have signed a Memorandum of Understanding in support of national scale-up plans


We have analysed sustainability and annual reports in key industries. We have found that they do not report enough on the outcomes of sustainability efforts. Our aim is to help companies be strategic and impactful in their reporting on sustainability.

You can download our free reports:


Quote from our CEO Fredrik Galtung in The Guardian’s long read "Is fair trade finished?"

“If Fairtrade producers could show that their farmers were 10 or 20 years younger on average ... that would be a massive advantage. But we’re unable to see all this.”

In a podcast with Break the Chain, Fredrik spoke about inputs and outputs versus outcomes and impact.

Fredrik was interviewed by The New Ism, talking about how bottom-up measurement and empowerment is key in sustainability.

Quote from Mining Weekly on TrueFootprint’s mining industry Scorecard:

“governments, investors and customers have no way at present of assessing the effectiveness of key business sustainability investments, which means that some companies are not getting credit for the work they are doing and the social and economic value they create.”


  • We signed a strategic partnership agreement with rePlant Capital. (Oct ‘21)
  • We completed our prototyping projects with farmers in Uganda (Jul '21)
  • We registered our Dutch branch with the local chamber of commerce  (Jun '21)
  • We receive our 20,000th data point  (Jun '21)
  • Imran Ahmad has joined as MD of the Netherlands  (Apr ‘21)
  • Chad becomes the 26th country from where we receive FieldApp data (Feb ‘21)
  • Imran Ahmad has joined our Advisory Board (Feb ‘21)
  • We wrote a blogpost ‘Using real-time data to save lives’ for Apolitical. (Dec ‘20)
  • We signed a strategic partnership agreement with Human Capital Network. (Dec ‘20)


Fredrik Galtung

Chief Executive
Edwin Bos

Chief Product Officer
  • Chief Innovation Officer at Reevoo
  • PhD in human-computer interaction, postdoc
  • Worked at Apple and Yahoo, Reevoo
  • Wikipedia contributor
Imran Ahmad

MD TrueFootprint Netherlands
  • Worked with Transparency International, Integrity Action
  • Former MD Rainbow Collection UAE
  • Former anti-corruption advisor to UNDP Mongolia
  • Founded NGOs Insani Ekta Muhim and Punasch
Chanda Pwapwa

Lead Engineer
  • Full stack developer
  • Avid reader
  • Has worked on distributed teams located in
    Cape Town, Singapore and London.
Carly Dryhurst-Smith

  • Designed for Reevoo, Topshop and NHS
  • Founder agency With Bells On!
  • Lead UX designer at VC Forward Partners
Jackie Acaa

Rural Development Specialist
  • Agriculturalist, Master Trainer in FFS
  • Former Program Coordinator with Sasakawa
    Global 2000 Uganda
  • Volunteer with Field of Hope
Daisy Barlett

Project Coordinator
  • Former Program Coordinator at Hospice Africa Uganda
  • Experience in PR at Weber Shandwick Paris, for Twitter, Motorola
    and Rolls-Royce Motor Cars
  • Master's in Trilingual Negotiation & Intercultural Management
  • Avid Traveler
Audrey de Garidel

Non-Executive Director
  • Facilitator of positive impact projects
  • Co-founder, So Impact
  • Worked at Agence Française de Développement, FMO, InfraVia Capital Partners, Latham & Watkins


We have country partners in the following countries:
DR Congo, Kenya, South Sudan, Nepal, Timor Leste, Rwanda, Burundi, Guinea.

Samuel Niyomuremyi

Country Partner
  • Country Partner Rwanda
  • Maternal health program coordinator
    at Rwanda Village community
    promoters(RVCP) organization.
  • Founder of stop covid19 campaign(SCC)
Heri Bitamala

Country Partner
  • Country partner DR Congo
  • Founder CEO of CERC
  • Community monitoring expert
Pierre Camara

Country Partner
  • Country partner Guinea
  • Field monitor at World Food Programme
  • Président Les Mêmes Droits pour Tous
Dr Floribert Kazingufu

Country Partner
  • Country Partner Burundi
  • Founder of "Réseau des Églises Misssionnaires du Christ"
  • Expert in community and people upliftment
  • Founder of Peace University, Fondation Chirezi
Isaac Abamwizeye

Country Partner
  • Country Partner Rwanda
  • CEO and Founder of Confidence of
    Success Academy
  • Rwanda Volunteer in community to avoid
    human security issues and Covid-19
John Wabwire Shikuku

Country Partner
  • Country Partner Kenya
  • Community health worker specialising in community health management of
    HIV/ TB, pregnant mothers and under 5 children
  • Co-founder, Kenya Adolescent Youth Reproductive Health and HIV Network
Judith Mutange

Country Partner
  • Country Partner Kenya
  • Founding Director,
    Great Mercy Development Centre
  • Mentors to vulnerable children and women
  • Founded a school for accelerated learning
    from primary to high school
Mike Tyson Oyola

Country Partner
  • Country Partner Kenya
  • Programme Manager, Positive Engagement for All Programme
  • Data collection using survey CTO, ODK and KOBO
  • Psychotherapy counselling to persons affected by Covid-19
Rachel Uwizerwa

Country Partner
  • Country Partner Rwanda
  • Founder and CEO of Ngoboka Project
    to help vulnerable single mothers and
    pregnant women who
    are affected by Covid-19
Richard Arinitwe

Country Partner
  • Country Partner Rwanda
  • Founder and CEO at Mubuzima, a platform to raise health
    calamities awareness in local language
  • Intern medical doctor at Kabgayi District Hospital
Dr Tarak Bahadur

Country Partner
  • Country Partner Nepal
  • Visiting faculty, Kathmandu University
  • Former Deputy Executive Director,
    Nepal Administrative Staff College
Victor Alex

Country Partner
  • Country Partner South Sudan
  • Co-founder, African Youth Action Network (AYAN)
  • Monitoring and evaluation specialist
Jose Alves da Costa

Country Partner
  • Country Partner Timor Leste
  • Co-founder and Executive Director,
    Luta Hamutuk
  • Member of the Consultative Council
    of the Ombusman


  1. Christian Benigni (MyyTake Global)
  2. John Hoffmire (U. of Oxford, Center on Business and Poverty)
  3. Rahmyn Kress (WeVee)
  4. May Lee (HumanCapitalNetwork)
  5. Farhaan Mir (11Onze, HumanNaturePlaces)



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