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Improving Sustainability and Impact
Our Approach
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Insetting with Co-Benefits

We help companies reduce the carbon

footprint of their supply chains and

minimise climate financial risks through

nature-based solutions with tremendous



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Radical Collaboration

The integrity of the global economy is

under threat from climate breakdown,

and it will impact people at the base of

value chains first and hardest. Now is a

time for radical collaboration.

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People Centric

We believe lasting change is only possible if

it is owned by the people on the ground.

Our people-centric approach is designed for

lasting change.

100 Million Livelihoods Initiative:
A radical collaboration for climate action

This initiative harnesses the collective power, ingenuity, and creativity of 100 million people and their communities. It involves people delivering climate solutions at the base of essential value chains, with co-benefits for biodiversity, water, forests, and local communities. This is a major global partnership between farmer organisations and communities, project developers, monitoring and evaluation solution providers, climate finance organisations and some of the world’s leading corporations, all collaborating to deliver lasting climate solutions at the base of key value chains with equity and justice.

Stay tuned for more details. Contact us now if you are interested in joining.

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Our 2030 Goals:
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3 billion

tonnes of CO2e


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100 million



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of landscapes in

over 40 countries