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EUDR Consultancy Services

Tailored Consultancy Services For EU Deforestation Regulation Compliance

The clock is ticking for food sector players wishing to sell within the European Union to certify their compliance with the EU Deforestation Regulation (EUDR). By the end of this year big companies trading, buying, and processing cattle, cacao, coffee, oil palm, rubber, soy, wood, and their final derivative products could face penalties, fines, and loss of EU trade if they fail to comply with EUDR. SMEs have until mid-2025 to comply. Compliance is complicated with companies needing to conduct extensive value chain due diligence to ensure their products are “deforestation free.” Operators and traders must collect geographic coordinates of the land where their commodity was produced and ensure full product traceability and segregation down to the farm level, which is the biggest challenge.

TrueFootprint can help. Our dedicated team of environmental consultants, regulatory experts, and sustainability strategists have a deep understanding of the EUDR and value at risk from changes in regulations and climate risks with experience from over 40 countries. Our expertise is rooted in a commitment to environmental stewardship and years of experience in guiding businesses through evolving sustainability regulations while putting farmers and communities at the heart of any lasting change. You access the knowledge, strategies, and tools needed to align your supply chains with the highest standards of environmental responsibility.

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Our Consultancy Services
Tailored Consultancy Services for EU Deforestation Regulation Compliance

Risk Assessment and Due Diligence: Identify and mitigate risks in your supply chain with comprehensive due diligence strategies tailored to the EU Deforestation Regulation, including both deforestation and the other regulatory compliance requirements of EUDR.


Compliance Strategy Development: Develop and implement a robust compliance strategy that aligns with EU standards and your business objectives.


Supply Chain Transparency and Traceability: Enhance your supply chain transparency with traceability solutions, ensuring all products are deforestation-free.


Sustainability Reporting and Communication: Craft and communicate your sustainability achievements, reinforcing your brand's commitment to environmental responsibility.

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Customised Solutions: We understand each business is unique. Our services are tailored to meet your specific challenges and opportunities.


Proven Expertise: Our team's extensive experience in environmental regulations ensures your strategy is both practical and effective.


Sustainable Impact: Beyond compliance, we aim to position your business as a leader in sustainability, enhancing your brand and contributing to global conservation goals.

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